Some Things to Know About Electrical System Maintenance

The following are a few of the most common electrical questions we're asked by Florida residents. If you don't see the answer to your question, feel free to contact us. We'll be glad to provide you with professional advice to address your concern.

There are many indications that could serve as hints that you might need the help of a professional electrician. Flickering lights, tripped breakers, and blown fuses are just some of them. However, if you notice something out of the ordinary with your electrical system, give RICS ELECTRIC a call.

We understand that DIY projects can save you money, but the truth is that doing electrical work on your own is clearly a gamble and could even be illegal. When it comes to electrical repairs and system installations, safety is the highest priority. Save yourself the risk, and call in a licensed professional who offers affordable services to make sure you're not endangering yourself, your business, or your family.

There are many reasons why your power could be out, ranging from simple Central Florida maintenance to a more serious problem, such as a faulty fuse box. The first thing to do is call your local electricity provider to make sure the problem is not on their end. If that doesn't provide an adequate answer, call RICS ELECTRIC to schedule an urgent visit.

A flipped circuit breaker or a blown fuse that is always burning out could mean that your electrical system is either overloaded or there is a problem with the wiring. If the breaker or fuse corresponds to a specific room or set of outlets, you should check to see if too many devices are plugged in, you should attempt to reset/replace it once. If the problem persists, call us and we will schedule a service visit.

A sound coming from your electrical panel could be a very dangerous situation. You should call RICS ELECTRIC as soon as possible.